Gavin Turek - Elevator (Official Music Video)

Directed by Hana Ardelean of TIGER TIGER

Gavin Turek - The Distance (HD)

Directed by Hana Ardelean / TIGER TIGER

Shot and Edited by Jessica Nicole Collins


Gavin Turek - Good Look for You [Official Music Video]
Gavin Turek - Don't Fight It (Official Music Video)

Directed by Franki Chan
Produced by Jesus Rivera
Written by Franki Chan & Jesus Rivera
Starring: Gavin Turek, Alex Essoe, Sasha Morfaw, Michael Borne, Jamil Baldwin & Christian Grey
DP: Scotty Field
Assistant Director: Steve Lynn
Styled by: Liz Montecastro and Kristiana Zois

Make-up by: Arlene Espinosa